2018 Membership Dues. The $10 membership dues for 2018 are to be paid by January 31, 2018. Your participation provides the monies needed to keep the association operating and producing and mailing the quarterly "Lehman Journal". Additionally, continued membership is required in order to qualify your direct descendants for scholarships. Membership forms are available on the Membership Page of the website (www.cantonlehman.org) or in the Journal.

Class reunion dates, both this year and next year, are needed even if the details are not yet available. Please send to the "Lehman Journal", Milt Hondrakis, at milt447@hotmail.com and to Tim Elder at twe1@alumni.cwru.edu

Alumni meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at Canton First Baptist Church, 4110-38th St., N.W.  All Alumni are encouraged to attend. See August meeting notice under picnic.



October 7, 2017 CLASSES OF 1950's and 1960's 

All City Night Reunion with the other three Canton High Schools at LaPizzaria Fresca Room, north of the Hills & Dales Rd. and Dressler Rd. corner, Canton.  Time-4:30pm.  Family-style dinner with at-the-door payment of $25.  Info/RSVP: Joe Helaney, 330-313-8206 or jhelaney@neo.rr.com.

Contact person

Lehman - Carol Trifelos 330.493.0295
Lincoln - Carol Blocher 330.493.4779
McKinley - Johanne Simone 330.478.1754
Timken - Rosie Schreiner 330.854.4852