Memberships for the Canton Lehman High School Alumni Association

Lehman High School no longer exists, but for many, the memories carry on. As alumni of LHS, we often wonder whatever happened to some of our classmates. It is the purpose of the alumni association to try and keep those memories alive and help everyone keep up on those friends of long ago. Through our newsletter, website and numerous social events, we have enjoyed great success in accomplishing this goal.

Not only are friendships rekindled, but through the scholarship program, 733 descendants of LHS alumni have been the recipient of our annual scholarships.

All monies for the scholarship fund are received through donations and fund raisers. However, the social events, newsletter, website, mailings and other operating costs are all covered through the $10 annual dues. As a member, not only do you help to continue the memory of Lehman but you also receive the quarterly edition of the Lehman Journal. Please - help keep this very successful program continue.

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